Based in the Lehigh Valley, Dear Life Stories allows clients to collect memories into memoir to share with generations to come.

Have you been meaning to record the recollections of your life? Do your parents or grandparents tell great stories that give a glimpse into their experience, into history, into why your family is the way it is?

We keep meaning to save these stories somehow, but it's rare in a busy life to find the time to follow through. From the sweet and funny to the fascinating, the memories of a lifetime provide a window to the past and give younger generations a greater context in their personal history.

I can help you get that project completed, whether it's for your own satisfaction or to give grandchildren a way to really know where they came from.



Exploring a life's worth of memories is easy and enjoyable with an interview full of prompts and questions on a wide range of topics. From the first family dog, bike accident, and favorite birthday present to the challenges and adventures of weddings, wars, and workplaces, you'll be surprised what hasn't been truly forgotten after all. Pre-interview planning ensures a focus on the stories and themes you most want to preserve.


Audio of your interview is transcribed, organized chronologically, and tidied into a natural narrative reflecting your unique voice. You'll have the chance to review the rough draft to make sure you're happy with what's included and make corrections.

Family Photos

Dig out your family photos to be scanned and captioned in your book, where they'll give faces to the names in your stories.

Finished Book

With beautiful cover design and formatting, your story is printed as an heirloom book to be saved and shared with generations to come. Order as many copies as you like - each grandchild can grow up with this treasure for their own family to discover.

photo booth image one: Daisy and grandfather smiling photo booth image two: Daisy and grandfather yelling photo booth image three: Daisy and grandfather making silly faces

About Me: Daisy Willis

Hi! I’m Daisy, a freelance writer in Bethlehem, PA - lover of backyard basil pesto, historical fiction, and the smell of autumn.

When I took up the task of recording my grandfather’s reminiscences, I discovered two things: 1. Even though his numerous children and grandchildren love him to death, I was the only one with the time and patience to give to multiple structured interviews and hours of transcription, and 2. I loved doing it!

With years of interview experience, my natural curiosity about people and deep interest in history are rewarded by sitting down to explore my clients’ memories together and assemble them into a narrative that reads in their voice. The value is priceless, and I’m so grateful to be able to make this happen for those who don’t know where to start.

My grandfather will always be able to speak to me through the pages of the memoir we made together, and my passion is to give other families that voice to hold on to.

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